According to PETEP:10-05-02-02 GSPW (General Secretariat of Public Works)

Sod must have been grown in a plant nursery for at least six (6) to ten (10) months, but no more than24 months, must be of good quality, dense with a vivid green colour and free from fungus and pest attacks as well as from weed plants.

Each item sod must be cut based on the company’s model width (but no less than 25 cm or more than 60 cm in width) and the length as provided for in the study (which must not exceed 270 cm). The maximum acceptable deviance from model dimensions corresponds to ± 1.25 cm in terms of width and ± 5% of length.

The thickness of slabs or strips must be uniform and must reach at least 2-2.5 cm (± 0.6 cm) when cut so that the dense root system will be preserved. The proposed thickness does not include growth height.

Items must be so durable as to be able to support their weight without being torn or sustaining any changes in their shape and size, when lifted up by their two top corners.

Sod must not be removed from soil when moisture levels are either too low or high, because this will adversely affect its survival. If moisture levels are too low to allow managing turfgrass (cutting, rolling, leading and transport) without undesirable tearing, the Contractor must water it until the soil is moist below the surface up to the cutting depth.

Prior to removal from its initial position, turfgrass must be uniformly mowed at a height of 5-7 cm. In addition, it must not contain any dry shoots or shoot residues.

It must be free from diseases, nematodes and soil insects.

Turfgrass is considered free from weeds (grasses or broadleaf weeds), when there are less than 5 weedplants per 20 m². Sod is cut in strips or slabs and is distributed in rolls or pallets.

The amount of sod delivered must not surpass the amount which is expected to be laid within 24-36 hours.

If the installation is not immediate, sod must be stored in a shaded place and watered frequently so that the exposed roots will not dehydrate. Prior to installation, each turfgrass item is inspected and any irregular plants or weeds are removed.