Production & marketing of ready-made turf.

AlphaSod was founded in 2004 and continues to thrive.

Our Philosophy

Our love and dedication at every stage of production are at the core of AlphaSod. We cultivate turf varieties suitable for every region of Greece, combining experience and expertise to achieve excellent results.

Our experience

Our years of experience contribute to the cultivation of turfgrass varieties ideally suited to every corner of Greece. Our ongoing commitment is to provide top quality in every region.

Our technical expertise

At AlphaSod, we possess deep expertise in the production and marketing of sod thanks to our extensive research and dedication to optimal production and selection of suitable varieties.

Our Products


All-year-round green sod


Sod for reduced light conditions


Strong with deep root system


Sod for sports fields


Warm-season sod


St. Augustine


Dichondra repens - Dichondra

Dichondra PLUS

Dichondra Fescue

Our Collaborations

Since the establishment of AlphaSod until today, we have developed a rich client portfolio and have undertaken a wide range of diverse and significant projects for both private and public entities.

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